A smart plotting and post-processing program

(and utilities)



About this site

This site presents PlotXY, a plotting  and post-processing program developed by prof. Massimo Ceraolo from the University of Pisa, as part of his research activities involving simulation and post-processing of measured data.

For some technical details consult

·       M. Ceraolo: “Experiences in creating a software tool to analyze and postprocess simulated and measured data”, Software - Practice and Experience, J. Wiley, vol. 48, issue 12, pp 2380-2388, ISSN 0038-0644

·       M. Ceraolo: “MC’s PlotXY – A general-purpose and post-processing open-source tool”, SoftwareX, Elsevier, vol. 9, January-June 2019, pp 282-287 – ISSN: 2352-7110.


About PlotXY

This program allows plotting and post-processing data from several possible sources: it allows reading from LabView, Matlab, ATP, Modelica, CSV, Comtrade, etc.


Note that only subsets of the different file types are supported; however, in case of need, support can be expanded by the developer or the user (with developer’s help).


PlotXY has been around for about 20 years and, AFAIK, it has never harmed any computer.

However, since it is not “a recognised app” by Microsoft Defender, the first time it is launched the “Windows protected your PC” blue window pops up.

In this case, to install PlotXY, you should click on “more info” and let the program start.


Click on side menu buttons for more details and download.



This new section of the site contains small utilities that helps PlotXY usage:

·       Pl42mat. This is a very old, command line program, that can be used to convert one or more plf4 file into Matlab V4 files, that can be read from Mathwork’s Matlab or MC’s PlotXY

·       (coming soon) PL4combine. This is a recent utility that can be used to combine several pl4 files, all containing the same number of points and assuming that the stored signals all refer to the same times, into a unique mat or ASCII (adf) file.