A smart plotting and post-processing program



About this site

This site presents PlotXY, a plotting  and post-processing program developed by prof. Massimo Ceraolo from the University of Pisa, as part of his research activities involving simulation and post-processing of measured data.

For some technical details consult

M. Ceraolo: “Experiences in creating a software tool to analyze and postprocess simulated and measured data”, Software - Practice and Experience, J. Wiley, 48(12, pp 2380-2388, ISSN 0038-0644


About PlotXY

This program allows plotting and post-processing data from several possible sources: it allows reading from LabView, Matlab, ATP, Modelica, CSV, Comtrade, etc.


Note that only subsets of the different file types are supported; however, in case of need, support can be expanded by the developer or the user (with developer’s help).


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