MC’s PLOTXY (and utilities) download

Latest PlotXY releases:

Mac 2023 March

Windows 2021 September amended

Windows 2020 August  

Windows 2020 January

Windows 2019 December (no ATP)

Windows 2019 March Update

Mac 2018 November

Linux 2018 November


Pl42mat (late nineties) Converts pl4 files into matlab format (V4 format, still accepted by recent Matlab distros)

CombinePl4s.exe. Combines pl4 files into a unique file, in Adf format. Maybe in the future further input and /or output formats will be added.

Older PlotXY Releases


Windows November 2018

September 2017

July 2015

October 2012 (Older user interface)


November 2017

July 2015


What does “Older user interface” mean?

PlotXY is written in C++.

It was originally developed, starting from 1997, using  Borland’s C++Builder 1.0. That Rapid Application Development platform was, for those times, fast and brilliant and produced very compact executables. Only windows version was available.

Since then the world has changed. Borland does exist anymore and the companies that, for some years, continued some development of C++ Builder’ successors eventually gave up. Moreover, the expansion of Web has made cross-platform development a must.

Because of these facts, starting from 2011 the program was re-built using Qt. It has the advantage to allow fast deployment for different platforms, and that it is rich of libraries that allow to do nearly everything conceivable on today’s digital devices.

The new interface has many advantages over the old one:

1.      Post-processing is much more powerful and flexible than older version’s

2.      SVG and pdf outputs are now possible

3.      New devices’ features such as 4k resolution and multiple screens can be exploited effectively

However, not everything with the new interface betters the old one. For instance:

·        Executable files are much larger. Nevertheless, sizes are still small according to today’s standards. For instance, the executable of the Win version is 17 MB, smaller than many programs running on our smartphones

·        Clipboard export as Windows metafile is not supported. Nevertheless, SVG’s are now available, which are a modern cross-platform substitute of WMF and EMF as object-oriented exports.

The most recent version using the Old user interface, dated October 2012, is the only still available for download. The newer user interface, instead, is still maintained: bugs are fixed and some new features and/or enhancements introduced.

Because of all this, I strongly recommend using the latest versions of PlotXY, instead of the October 2012 one. Once accustomed, you will enjoy a lot of improvements!